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New and Noteworthy

Welcome to 2021! 

As we move into spring, the schedule for group CE5 outings has been posted, running from April through October, and we will be picking up where we left off with The Bigfoot Project. We will also be updating our online classes and hopefully adding one or two more, continuing our blog posts, and sharing all that we have learned in the past few months (which is a lot) with everyone.

We have also added some services AND are working on a book!

See below for some additional info ...


Check out our Services page for Energetic Body Balancing and Energetic Mapping & Balancing options!


Ohhhhhh my gosh! 

I am so excited about this one!!!

"The Magic of YOU" is in it's beginning stages, but when complete, it will be a fabulous book for all ages.

Within it's pages will reside all you need to know in order to see the magic of the Universe folded within you, complete with simple exercises and experiments that will actually SHOW you your amazing potential and pave the way for you to attain it. Stay tuned!!!


Teaching is our passion, but with the arrival of COVID-19, we've had to re-think our standard workshop practices and evolve with the times, so we have created

The BioEnergetics Academy,

a remote learning platform hosted by Teachable.

Classes and workshops are currently being produced, with pre-order options available as soon as the end of April!

The Bigfoot Project

During a standard CE5 session in the summer of 2020, something more amazing than usual happened. 

This led to the creation of "The Bigfoot Project", an  exploration focused on making contact and elevated understanding of these amazing Beings.

WOTL now has a blog hosted at Wordpress! To subscribe for updates, click the button to the right, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Follow" under "Follow Blog Via Email".

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