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The Bigfoot Project

On the night of August 17 2020, I experienced an unexpected encounter with what I believe to be a group of Sasquatch at a location in Central Virginia.

After reviewing all of the evidence and doing some thinking, I felt like the event was not an accident - I was sitting still, alone in a field, inviting contact with whomever might be listening, and they responded.

At no time during the evening did I feel threatened or afraid, and I was very excited about the potential contact with them.

Since that time, I have been back to the location on a number of occasions during daylight hours, and every time I am there, I continue to experience evidence of their presence - there are pops, clicks, trilling, unexplained vocals, wood knocks, footsteps, and other things that seem to indicate that they are close by. When I move through the forest, these sounds accompany me on my hikes.

Over the years, I have seen and experienced enough amazing things to know that it's a mistake to eliminate all of the possibilities of this great big universe in favor of a small set of explanations that fit our belief systems.

I also know that there is MUCH more to our existence, and the existence of everything that surrounds us, than what most people think.

Whatever is going on here in my little corner of the world (as well as in thousands of places elsewhere) deserves to be explored with an open mind and the utmost respect.

To that end, here is what I plan to do:

One night a week for the next eight weeks, I will go back to this location and attempt to initiate contact. As part of this effort, I have already set up multiple gifting and sharing sites, am making headway on cleaning up trash left behind by other people, and will continue to approach any communications with the respect and courtesy that I would offer to anyone else that I had just met.

Make no mistake - I do not view these beings as "big dumb animals" - I truly believe that they are a highly intelligent race of people who posses unique abilities that we do not yet understand, and I treat them as such.

Might this go bad? Sure it might - I am running headlong into uncharted territory, and I have no idea what might transpire along the way. And honestly, I am OK with that. It's more important to me to do my best to try and understand what is happening with these beings than to sit safely in my living room.

And notice that nowhere in here did I mention that I would be providing "evidence of their existence". That's redundant. We already HAVE the evidence. What we need to do now is move forward and stop chasing our tails over the question of "whether they exist or not". We already KNOW they exist.

However, I WILL be providing a record of what transpires during each of my eight nights out in the woods with them. I will document the experiences as best I can, and will provide viewers with my opinion of what it all means.

At the end of that two month period, I will also provide a conclusion, based on what happened (or didn't happen) for the duration of the project. If we deem the project as "successful", we will determine how to move forward. If we feel that the project was "unsuccessful", we will back up and punt, hopefully formulating an alternate plan that may prove to work better for our efforts.

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