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The Magic of YOU

April 5, 2021:

The Magic of YOU continues to emerge as chapter drafts and content are defined. Games and exercises are being developed and tested, and the overall format has begun to take shape. Preliminary assessments on distribution appear to indicate that the book will probably be available in both printed and electronic (Kindle) copy.

My objective is to have the manuscript ready for publication by this Fall, but there is a lot of work to do. The text itself is no problem, but the book is going to rely heavily on graphics and illustrations, which is not my strong point. If anyone has suggestions, drop me an email; I'd love to hear them!

Next update: April 19, 2021!

March 18, 2021:

I have ALWAYS wanted to write a book about the energetic world, but the topic is so vast that it's difficult to wrestle the subject into a concise format - every time that I have tried, I ended up with a sprawling mass of unruly information that refused to be tamed.

And then, a few nights ago, and I was struggling to fall into sleep (sleep has not come easy lately), I was floating in that "twilight space" just past wakefulness - it's one of my favorite places to be, because I get to see all kinds of cool stuff there - and out of nowhere, this book comes flying up in front of me. The cover was beautiful, like deep space, with hues of blue, pink & purple swirling across a background of brilliant stars, and the title, in mystical-looking script, was "The Magic of YOU".

In an instant, I knew the content of the book was not like my long-winded and rather technical previous attempts at writing this tome. It was simple, lighthearted, and very practical. It was full of delightful experiments, exercises, and games that readers of every age could engage in as a means to discover their wondrous energetic potential. The information that I had always longed to share had morphed from thousands and thousands of words on hundreds and hundreds of pages to brightly colored pictures, magical illustrations, and simple exercises in energetic exploration that could lead every reader down a mystical path of discovery, regardless of age, gender, beliefs, or culture.

You may be wondering how, given the diversity of people, beliefs, and culture on our planet, a single book could be appropriate for EVERYONE seeking the truth of their nature, and while the answer to that is very, very simple, I will leave that for a little later. 

Next update: April 5, 2021!