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What We Do

We exist to assist with the raising of consciousness, one person at a time.

Energy Awareness

The basic first step in becoming aware of Universal Consciousness and learning to "connect" is awareness of the energetic nature of your existence.

With the help of easy (and fun!) exercises, we will show you how to discover your "energy body" and begin to unlock the immense potential that lies in wait.

Honing Your Skills

The second step following awareness is mastery of your inherent abilities.

Working with Universal Energy isn't difficult, nor does it require long sabbaticals into exotic lands or countless hours on a Yoga mat, but it does require the shedding of erroneous beliefs, a desire to evolve, and dedicated focus.

Putting It To Work

Honing of your energetic skills will show you where your strongest "skill set" lies. We ALL carry the same potential, but everyone also has one or two things that come easier to them and compliments the work of their peers. Early on, your own personal tendencies may lie with hands-on healing of others, while someone else's may be working with plants or animals.

Living "Connected"

Being aware of your energy and putting it to use is not something that you only do while you're with us - it's a way of life, and the more you integrate it into every minute of your day, the faster you will "evolve". This has positive effects on EVERY aspect of your existence, from home, to work, and well beyond. And don't worry - it doesn't require any strange antics or odd practices - people will notice a change in you for sure, but it's an internal one.

Moving Beyond

The ultimate purpose of discovering your energetic potential is to understand who and what you truly are, to shed your perceived limitations, and to consciously interact with and learn from that which is available to us throughout the Cosmos. These actions take you from a very small existence as a human being who exists mainly for "self" to a Universal Being who exists for ALL, and this is the key to shifting ourselves and our planetary existence out of this age of separation and destruction and into one of Universal Consciousness.

Yep - We're Serious

Don't be a sheep. Open your eyes and your mind to the truth that's evident, rather than what someone else is saying.

Making contact with advanced civilizations is a key factor in our own growth - they have much to show us, if we are only willing to learn.

Skeptical, but curious? Or maybe you are on the other end of the spectrum - a dedicated believer, wishing to make contact? Either way, consider joining us for a CE-5 Outing to experience the truth for yourself.

Want to know more about how to hone your energetic skills?

When you sign up for a CE5 Outing, you will receive very brief "Energy 101" information during the pre-outing meeting. However, if you are interested in delving deeper into the wonderful, mysterious world of getting to know who and what you truly are, we also offer workshops! We are currently in the process of scheduling classes for summer which include Working with Energy, Energetic Dowsing, and Healing with Energy. If you are interested in learning more before we have the schedule published, please email us.

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